no neko, no life.

hello! i am kyou megurine-hime
and i am a PRINCESS

about page!!!
my homodachis!!!

i'm a 16 y/o magical girl who likes cats and also is a cat?? whoa!!!

i blog a whole bunch of fandoms!! dangan ronpa and vocaloid are the big notable ones, i guess!

i ship negitoro and madomami and mahiyoko mostly but i ship a lot of other stuff like mikurin and sayakoto and lilyluka and madosaya and i'm basically a frickin sailor over here!!!

please don't try to fight with me i am just a babby neko i do not like arguments

i'm a super fancy lesbian who's also polyamorous. nothing else to see here

i like making friends so hit me up yo!!

♡ have a nice day!♡

 adventurer(s) off to candied island